Every event has a budget. When planning an event, you might assume that you are in control of the budget, especially the catering budget. However, you might make the mistake of overshooting your budget and end up with more food than you can need. Here are some tips on budgeting for catering when planning an event.

The first important thing to consider when budgeting for catering is the guest list. It’s important to know the expected number of guests. It gives the idea of the number of mouths that will be fed at an event. It will also eliminate confusing and unnecessary menu changes at the last minute.

Another thing to consider when budgeting for catering is the delivery method. The food can be picked up from the caterer and brought to the event venue, thereby saving delivery fees. You can also take the option of the caterer dropping it off at your house or event venue.

When budgeting for catering, it is important to arrange with the caterer how you want the food prepared and served. You have to budget based on what he or she is offering you. It could be to only deliver the meals to the venue or prepare the meals on-site and serve them during the event. Guests can then enjoy freshly cooked meals.

Another thing can you can budget for when catering for an event is your choice of event enhancement. Enhancements may be other things necessary to get an event going like decorations, linen, china, servers, on-site chefs, bartenders, DJs and more.

Everyone desires an event of a lifetime. Events that still be fresh in the memories of everyone that attended them. However, we can’t empty our life savings just to host and cater for an event.

When you budget properly for catering when planning for an event, you save money and time, and your event goes smoothly, and in the end, your guests go home happy. Also, a well-budgeted event gives you peace of mind. Connect with us for more information.