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Taylormay Botanicals team


Taylormay Botanicals is a family run business based in Tideswell. The family have lived in Tideswell for 23 years and now it's a daily pleasure for them to work here too.

Christine formulates the exquisite organic skincare products using the worlds finest organic plant oils and a specialist scientific laboratory analyses and approves the finished products. Christine then makes all the products by hand in small batches and her sons Sam and Ike Walker handle photography, videography and product branding.

New products are formulated every year and for 2019 a new special product is being developed to raise funds for the Bubmblebee Conservation Trust’s project called ‘Pollinating the Peak’. 

It's wonderful to have these pure and luxurious products in our shop. We've loved working with Christine and we've also had the pleasure to work directly with Ike in video editing workshops too. 

Taylormay Botanicals Rosehip cleansing oils