Aldwark Artisan Ales


 In early 2017 A chemist, a farm girl, 2 kids, a labrador, and a few cows and sheep, set out to convert their milking parlour into a micro brewery.. And they did..

Now using water from their own bore hole, filtered through the strong limestone hills of the Peak District, and with the flair of a chemist as unique as his beers, they have created the ‘AAA’ range of craft ales.

We're delighted to have their beers in our online shop. These really are exceptional beers and they are going from strength to strength. Jen & Ian are talented and driven in their pursuit of perfection. They're also funny and great to have a pint with.

You'll find their beers in more and more local pubs too. It's great to see the resurgence of micro breweries and AAA are exactly that.


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