London to the Peak District

Ok, we'll admit that the Peak District is not on the Northern Line, but it's a lot closer than you might imagine. Getting here is a pleasure too.

Here are our top tips for your Peak District getaway.

  1. Come by train. St Pancras is a beautiful station and is home to the longest champagne bar in Europe. A glass of fizz is a great way to start your holiday and the platform is only a stones throw away. Trains cost as little as £26 first class and the journey to Chesterfield is under two hours.
  2. Ease yourself out of London and into the Peak District with a salt beef bagel. Anyone who's ever been in the East End in the small hours will recognise this late night delicacy. Our salt beef and bagels are the best you'll get beyond earshot of the Bow Bells.
  3. When you wake up on your first morning in the Peak District check a really reliable local weather app to look at the day ahead while you're making breakfast. The weather can change quickly here, so what starts out as a grey misty morning can become a bright sunny day by the time you've polished off your second cup of coffee.
  4. Plan a walk that is comfortable for everyone in your party. There are a huge range of stunning walks in the Peak District that suit every physical ability and fitness level. Make sure that the route you decide on is one that everyone in your party can enjoy.
  5. Book Monday off work too! You won't want to travel back on Sunday. You'll want to make the most of being here and you'll congratulate yourself on Sunday evening, when you're in a cosy pub and not on the tube the next morning.