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Buxton Roastery Coffee


Buxton Roastery produce outstanding coffee and have a great story to tell. Science, Passion & Knowledge come together and we think that this is what coffee is about.

We asked our friend Iain to tell us a bit more about what they do:

How many people are involved and how many employees do you have?

We are currently a team of four, there is myself and my wife, Mim, David who is our technician and engineer and Nat who is our amazing barista and latte artist. I work on coffee sourcing and roasting and Mim is responsible for marketing and admin. Nat is responsible for training our customers on how to get the best out of their coffee which is so important. David is involved with installation of coffee machines, servicing and generally fixing anything.

What was the inspiration to set up Buxton Roastery?

It grew out of our passion to create a better cup of coffee in our restaurant business and we fell down the rabbit hole of coffee obsession. It is a long story but we were sourcing Doi Chang coffee and could only get it as a green bean (unroasted). So we purchased a small coffee roaster and with practice we were so impressed with the flavour of freshly roasted coffee and the rest as they say, is history.

What did you do before Buxton Roastery?

As mentioned we have a restaurant business, but my background is in experimental physics, which is actually fairly useful in the roasting and preparation of coffee.

What drives you to keep the exceptional standards you have?

There are so many factors to this but we have a responsibility to the farmers who we represent to roast and present their coffee with the same care and attention to detail that they took when growing the coffee. We are also responsible for the quality of the coffee that our customers produce, this is why we offer free training to our customers as creating the perfect cup does take knowledge and experience. Every part of the chain is crucial, from the farm to the roasting to the brewing if any part is sub-standard, then it lets everything down.

Tell us a bit about the ethos behind Buxton Roastery.

Our main goal is connecting people who grow coffee to the people who drink coffee. For years there has been a huge disconnect between the two and thankfully that is changing. People want to know where their coffee is coming from, how it was grown and did the farmer receive a fair price for their crop. This results in happy customers because they have a better cup of coffee and feel good that they are drinking an ethical cup of coffee and happy farmers because they are being paid properly for their coffee.

 What do you love most about your job?


 Experimenting with different coffees never gets old, we do it every day playing around with different brew ratios of single origin coffees, blending different coffees, the possibilities are endless and a lot of fun. One of the most enjoyable things however is seeing customers reactions to our coffee and there customers reactions, it is absolutely the most rewarding thing.

What are the challenges?

As we deal with many small farmers, continuity of supply is a challenge. Coffee is a seasonal crop and when is gone you have to wait until next harvest time.

What is it you love about the Peak District?

Clean air, beautiful scenery, lovely people, there is no where else in the country I would live.

What's your favourite meal and best drink to go with it?

Hard to pin down one meal, my favourite is anything prepared with fresh locally sourced ingredients it makes all the difference. As fo drinks locally brewed beer is my favourite, Peak Ales, Interpid, Buxton Brewery, Red Willow, Tatton brewery i’m sure I’ve missed someone.

What do you do in your free time?

We don’t have a huge amount of free time, but Archery is my favourite thing to relax and unwind.